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Very expressive nose with a lot of grapey aromas followed by roses. Followed by some lychee and citrusfruits. Hell yeah, this is what I expect from a VDN (“Vin Doux Naturel” = a wine fortified with alcohol in order to keep some sugar and sweetness in the wine) muscat wine: no detour just straight seduction!

These aromas remind me of a trip to the Languedoc-Roussillon a couple of years ago. It was there that I discovered these amusing muscat wines, more specific in Domaine Barroubio at Saint Jean de Minervois. So nice that a smell can bring you back those memories…

In the mouth the sweetness a nicely intercepted by a chunk of acidity. Again that grapey taste immersed in peel of a lemon and roses water.

Conclusion: I’m seduced and want to meet the Madame of Mas de Madame!

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