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An intense ruby red in the glass. The first sniff is very seductive: ripe black fruits with blackcurrants and blackberries in front and smoky aromas of the wood ripening.

After a while those typical spicy notes free up: mint, lavender and rosemary tickle my nose.

These makes me think about a warm lazy afternoon in the South of France. Can you hear the crickets sing their song and feel the hot afternoon sun that makes you just feeling sleepy…a good book at your side and a red wine just slightly chilled and nothing to worry about…

Oops, where was I?

Oh yes tasting this wine.

In the mouth the wood aging is somewhat stubborn and not entirely integrated (maybe it needs a bit more time). This is a wine with quite some muscles: nice tannins countered by sufficient acidity and tons of fruit. I also noted a whiff of licorice and black olives.

This wine certainly needs a good meat dish to counter it.

Conclusion: Pretty complex with good balance, although the wood still needs some more integration. And be aware at the temperature you pour this wine: no more than 16°c to tame the alcohol devil.

Some more: 30670 is the postal code of code village d’Aigues-Vives (Gard).

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