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A very commercial look with a transparent label and some butterflies lingering on the bottle. Not the type of label that would attract this guy but I could imagine that a lot of people dig such a kind of bottle.

The color is a nice pink and this is were the transparent label gets his thing done: what a good view on this heavy pink, almost reddish, color.

In the first nose a bit shy but after a while the strawberries, red berries and a hint of white pepper kick in. Medium body and easy drinking (a hint of sweetness) with again a peppery note in the final. A quick check on the back label shows a 13% alcohol.

Conclusion: a well made and commercial rosé that a lot of people will like, though be it a bit heavy on the alcohol side. However, not my cup of rosé. On a terrace, on a nice sunny day I will drink a glass of this and enjoy it but then I would ask the wine card again and order me something completely different, something with more balls, brains and a bit profundity.

Check out their website and let you gulp down: Fruité Catalan

Some more: This Fruité Catalan sells in Belgium for about 4,19 € and is price quality certainly a good value. This wine is put in the market to aim at a specific target group: youth, women and wine newbies. And I’m sure they will luuvvit…

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