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Let’s kick of with some bubbly stuff. Nothing better to sharpen your hunger than a glass of sparkling wine.

We have here a Crémant de Limoux. According to the AOC/AOP regulations such a crémant should be composed as follows: chardonnay (40% minimum) – chenin (20% minimum) – chardonnay + chenin (90% maximum). Secondary grapes: mauzac + pinot noir (20% maximum) of which pinot noir (10% maximum).

A rather complex blend with several restrictions as to minimums and maximums…

A Crémant de Limoux needs to age at least 15 months “sur lattes”. I understood that this sparkling wine has aged 24 months “sur lattes”.

When pouring this wine there was a nice mousse and tiny bubbles.

In the nose medium expressive with brioche and bakery aromas upfront combined with hints of lime and peach. Indeed, a very fresh nose where fried bread crumbles just increase your lust to take a sip…

The mousse is good for a creamy mouth feeling. Very refreshing with a bitter grapefruit accent at the end.

Conclusion: Nice refreshing and ideal aperitif on a lazy Sunday. However, if you are into complexity or you have to celebrate something really special I would recommend something else, something -probably- pricier. But as my everyday aperitif I like this a lot, a whole lot.

Some more: And this is an excerpt from the website of Sieur d’Arques:

1531 – The first sparkling wine

The History of the Languedoc vineyard dates back to the 5 th century BC when the Greeks first introduced grape vines and their cultural practices.

It was in 1531, one century before Dom Pérignon, that wines from Limoux stepped onto the world stage thanks to Benedictine nuns from the St Hilaire Abbey, a neighbouring village, who created the first sparkling wine in the world: La Blanquette de Limoux.

The earliest written references to Blanquette de Limoux can be traced back to the lord of the region, “le Sieur d’Arques” who swigged down “flasks of Blanquette” to celebrate his victories.

Four centuries later, in 1946, the founding winemakers of our winery christened their wine, Sieur d’Arques.”

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