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A couple of weeks ago I received this great giftbox: 5 different wines, a glass, an opener and some folders explaining what Sud de France is all about.

What I noticed:

  • The great and smooth organisation. Everything is very well coordinated and followed up by email. For example, I first received an email that my tasting samples were on their way and already the next day Fedex arrived with the package. So kudo’s for the organisation.
  • The worldwide approach of this tasting. With the Flemish Winebloggers we also organise bottle exchanges or blog every two months about the same subject. But this is only in the Flemish part of Belgium, so just an extremely little part of the world. Sud de France is going global and I’m very curious about the results.
  • The great box: indeed some nice marketing of Sud de France or how to make a name sticky!
  • The diversity of the wines: sparkling, white, rosé, red and sweet. A whole meal of wines.

Now, off to the tasting of these wines…

Sud de France - Synchronized Worldwide Wine Tasting - comments