My day in wine: Saturday 16/6/2012

My day in wine: Saturday 16/6/2012

Just today I was thinking why I think so much about wine (and why it gave me a headache)…and then I analysed my day…

AM: Working a bit – The Michel Rolland Collection

AM: opening my fridge for some milk and seeing the bottles of Skok (Friuli).

AM: cleaning up some papers and encountering papers of Domaine Magellan.

PM: Smelling wet earth and thinking about Pinot Noir

PM: Trying to clean a really dirty cooking-pot with some “vinaigre de vin blanc

PM: reading a bit in Tong (yes, about wine).

PM: Finally pouring a glass of wine (I just couldn’t resist any longer).

Final conclusion: Just so many wine in my life and now I know I do not longer have any headache…

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